Spring cleaning can seem like a great idea until you actually get started. Then
it often turns out to be more work than expected!

The good news is, there are proven techniques to make the job easier so you
can get it done faster.

• Before you begin the project, make sure you have everything you need:
hammer, boxes, tape, garbage bags, etc. Think of the supplies you’ll
need on hand and the tools that will make tasks easier. You don’t want
to have to waste time on frequent trips to the store.

• Consider renting a small moving trolley (AKA hand truck.) That will
make it much easier to move heavy objects, such as furniture, as you’re
cleaning. Most local home improvement centres rent these.

• Plan how you’re going to dispose of waste and unwanted stuff. Find out
where you can donate clothes, toys, furniture, and other items. Note the
location of your local garbage disposal site and its hours of operation.

• Divide tasks into “Heavy work” and “Light work” and then do the heavy
work first, such as moving furniture, reorganizing rooms, etc. Only after
completing the heavy work should you dive into the “light work”, such as
packing boxes and sweeping.

• Consider getting help. There are many services available that will assist
with cleaning, painting, junk removal, repairs, and more. You can even
hire a student to assist you for a weekend.

Spring cleaning can be a big project, but these tips can help make it a lot
easier. And, keep in mind that if you’re thinking of selling this year, getting the
spring cleaning done will be a big plus.