There are many ways buyers can find out about your home for sale. Some will
see the lawn sign. Others will notice the listing on MLS. Still others might find
out via an advertisement or social media post.

But, there is one other way buyers will discover your listing — and it can be
pivotal to the success of your sale.

The agent can make sure they know.

In some cases, buyers shopping for a particular type of home, or those who
are targeting a specific neighbourhood, will get on an agent’s alert system. The
agent will arrange for the buyers to be alerted as soon as an ideal property
comes up on the market. That’s why being strategic when creating an MLS
profile and other listing materials is so important. You want interested buyers
to be notified of your listing!

Agents often also have a network of buyers they are in touch with regularly or
who are actively looking to buy a home. They reach out to these contacts as
soon as a desired property is listed. Say, for example, you put your property
on the market. The agent you work with may already have qualified buyers in
mind. If so, that increases the chances of your home selling quickly and for a
top price.

Good agents also have a robust network of professional contacts — such as
real estate lawyers, contractors, and even other agents — that they can
potentially tap to find qualified buyers.

Overall, well-connected agents are more likely to be able to leverage their
networks to attract ideal buyers to your listing.

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