Imagine you’ve been waiting for the right moment to sell your home and you’re
finally ready to pull the trigger and list it. But, just as you’re about to put up the
sign, you notice that a few other FOR SALE signs have unexpectedly popped
up in the neighbourhood.

Oh no! Now there are competing listings. Does that mean you should put your
plan to sell your property on hold?

Not necessarily.

Just because comparable homes are for sale in the area doesn’t mean it’s not
a good time to make your move. In fact, even if there is a sharp increase in
local listings, active buyers might still outnumber properties available.
In that scenario, you’d likely get several interested buyers.

And, even in the case of a buyer’s market, now might still be the ideal time to
sell. Don’t forget, your home might have desirable features that some buyers
are eagerly looking for, giving your home the advantage over others on the

In addition, a large part of a successful sale is in how a property is marketed
and promoted. With effective marketing, your home is more likely to be noticed
by the right type of buyers… buyers who are actively looking for a property like

So, waiting for the perfect moment to sell your home rarely makes sense. In
most cases, the best time to list is now.

That being said, it is helpful to find out exactly what to expect should you list
your property in today’s market. To find that out, call today.