When you’re selling your home, you want to promote those features that will
be of highest interest to prospective buyers. After all, the more reasons a
buyer has to love your property, the more likely they are to make a great offer.

Increasingly, one category of features that buyers are looking for is energy efficiency.
So, if there are specific energy-saving characteristics of your home,
make sure those are highlighted when selling.

When considering the energy-efficient characteristics of your property,
consider the following:
• Appliances: Fridge, stove, washer, dryer.
• HVAC: Furnace, air conditioner.
• Insulation. (Especially in the attic.)
• Home technology. For example, a system that automates heating,
cooling, lighting, etc., to keep energy usage to a minimum.
• Lighting. Have you switched to LED bulbs or fixtures?
• Windows and doors. For example, did you replace windows in recent
years to help lower heating and cooling costs?

If something stands out as particularly energy-efficient, it will be of interest to
many buyers.

And, obviously, if your home has a unique energy-efficient feature, such as
solar panels, you’ll definitely want to point that out in the listing description.

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